Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hello Blog World!

Welcome to my blog!  A blog is an odd concept ... "I am so fabulous that I must write about myself and everyone must read about me!".  My objective in creating this blog is to challenge my creativity on a continual basis, and never stop growing as a photographer.  
I will be more inspired to set out on photo walks or to set myself mini projects if I know that I have an audience to share my efforts with.  It is also nice to be able to provide the story behind a set of images, beyond that which the images themselves can provide, and that is where a blog can be so useful.

To fill in the gaps ... it was an overseas move that kick-started my passion for photography.  I lived in London for three years and would venture to Europe or within the UK on a monthly basis.  Photos were my way of capturing the memories which would otherwise have slipped through my hands.  

I discovered a bit of a knack for this and went on to study a Diploma of Photography, along with numerous day-courses.  A natural eye is essential for photography, but knowing the nuts and bolts behind an image is important also.

Now I am back in Australia and my photography focus has shifted from travel to people.  People photography is so enjoyable and I am most satisfied when I have captured a fleeting moment or emotion - an expression on someone's face that is "so" them.  Weddings and children/baby photography are great examples of this! 

I have recently made a wonderful partnership with Little Birdie Events, as their product & event photography.  I’ll post images providing evidence of their event styling genius, but feel free to head on over to their page and have a squiz also.

I intend to post about once a week, or whenever I have a shoot to share.  Upcoming projects include a stylish park wedding, and a Little Birdie event.

To discuss procuring a piece of wall art from my extensive selection of travel photographs, or to discuss my photography services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’d love to hear from you!

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