Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Two Heads Are Better Than One

They say that two heads are better than one; and in the creative world, this comes about by way of collaboration.  There are many collaborations available to photographers and I have been very lucky recently to work with Little Birdie Events, a fabulous little events styling business based in Brisbane.  
This is a mother-daughter team with the daughter component of the team, Gerri, being an old university friend of mine.  "Old" as in having been friends for a while - not "old" as in grey hair and giant underwear.  Just needed to clear that up ...

It was late last year that Gerri and her mother Carole got Little Birdie underway.  I was very chuffed to be let in on the secret when Gerri and Carole asked me to photograph for them.  I was paid for my troubles in cupcakes, which is really quite a fantastic way to be paid.  

Although living in Sydney makes it difficult for me to be at every event, I love to help out when I can.  My last trip up to Brisbane coincided with a 1st birthday party that Little Birdie had been booked for, and so I headed to Clayfield on a sunny Sunday morning to photograph their sweet table stylings.  I then stayed on to photograph the party itself and I will share those photos with you another day.

To have a look at my delicious photos, check out the blog post on the party by Little Birdie Events .  Do not do this if you are hungry!  The photos are mouth-watering!

This event was also featured in the blog of event styling guru Amy Atlas Events .  It was a bit odd at first to look at the photo on her blog and go "Oh, I did that!" - and then it was just fun!

I am neeeeaaaarrrrrrllllllyyyyyy finished editing the photos from Sarah and Ben's wedding and I cannot wait to share them with you here.  There are some beautiful candid moments and some fun tomfoolery with the bridal party.  Stay tuned!

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